Welcome to the curriculum area of our school website. Our school ethos embraces the belief that all pupils have a right to learn within an environment that is unique, special, caring, stimulating, enjoyable, challenging, but most of all fun.

We provide an inclusive, creative curriculum that is personalised to fully meet the needs of all pupils attending the school. Every achievement is celebrated, however small.

Our curriculum is specially designed to encourage the pupils to fully engaged in their learning, enabling them to achieve their full potential. It strives to be responsive to each pupil and build on individual strengths and interests.

We provide a broad and balanced curriculum framework that meets the requirements of the EYFS and the National Curriculum with modifications to ensure that it is accessible to all our pupils.

The multidisciplinary team, including teachers and parents / carers work in unison to plan, design, implement and assess highly structured teaching programmes which take into account the individual needs of each child. Pupils medical, physical and care needs are fully incorporated into teaching programmes as well as their personalised learning pathway.

We focus on developing the key skills of:

  • Communication and Interaction
  • Cognition
  • Independence
  • Physical Development and Self Care

All of which are transferable skills that equip our pupils for life beyond school. We recognise the importance of our pupils being able to generalise skills learnt in school in many different contexts, which is why community based learning is an integral part of what we offer.

We are extremely proud of our commitment to high quality teaching and learning, providing a caring and supportive environment for all our pupils and their families.

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Whole School Approaches and Curriculum

Whole School Approaches and Curriculum