Literacy at The Redway

Language and communication skills are essential for all of our pupils and we recognise that the skills developed in Literacy promote learning across the curriculum. At the Redway we thrive to support pupils to be able to express themselves creatively and imaginatively. As well as to communicate effectively in their chosen method of communication with a variety of people in a range of situations, appropriate to their levels and needs.

We teach pupils the skills they need to communicate in ways relevant to their individual needs, developing their skills in communication, reading and writing. Cross-curricular themes have been developed to incorporate a range of activities linked to the chosen theme, whilst meeting the individual learning styles of our pupils.

Teaching Literacy within our curriculum enables pupils to:

  • Develop the ability to listen and respond
  • Understand information and the world around them
  • Interact and communicate with a wide range of people and in a range of social situations
  • Develop, explore and experience creativity and imagination
  • Access a wide range of literature at all levels to enrich and broaden the pupils experience

The aims of our Literacy policy are for pupils to:

  • To support pupils individually to develop communication skills in their preferred method of communication
  • To access literacy using an individual approach allowing sessions to be relevant and accessible for all learners
  • To provide pupils with a range of different literature at a level suitable for them
  • To develop multiple literacies for pupils – communication, reading and writing
  • To ensure literacy is embedded across the cross curriculum

Pupils are exposed to a wide range of literature including fiction and non-fiction, drama/role play activities, theatre productions, poems, learning about environmental print, media including film and traditional tales.

Pupils have access to a wide range of literature to enrich and broaden their experiences. We enhance the curriculum through the use of pantomime groups, visiting off-site libraries, and provide opportunities for pupils to visit theatres.

During the school day pupils are given opportunities to develop their fine motor skills, engage in mark-making sessions, work on their letter formation, and develop more advanced writing techniques (if appropriate).

We celebrate the endeavours and achievements of all our pupils and ensure that they enjoy their learning. We aim to provide a happy learning environment which enables our pupils to grow in confidence and interact socially.

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