Music at The Redway School

In the Foundation Stage children explore music through the Expressive Art and Design and Communication and Language curriculum areas. Children are able to explore music and sing songs related to current topics. Music is an integral part of many activities and routines. Musical cues and singing mark significant parts of the day such as hello time, snack time, lunchtime and the end of the school day. Music is also used in sessions such as Swimming, Functional Reflexology and in sensory stories in Literacy. Children are given opportunities to listen to different genres of music played at various times during the day. In Soundabout and Tac Pac sessions musical instruments, resonance boards and vibrations are used to encourage communication and a love of music.

In SLD groups music is incorporated into Topic and Literacy sessions - students sing songs, listen to music and take part in musical activities which are linked to the current topic. The large gathering drum and resonance boards play a prominent part in music- making. Whilst taking part in these sessions children become familiar with new songs, props and rhythms and are able to tap, clap and bang to the different beats. Music is also used within sessions such as Tac Pac and Physiotherapy as a mean of helping the students to relax. It is also used as a signifier for those students who may not understand the meaning of symbols or pictures. Music helps to reinforce routines such as hello time, snack time, lunchtime and the end of the school day. A valuable role for music in SLD groups is that of relaxation. Soothing music or vibrations can help to calm students who may be anxious or upset. Music has a calming energy which helps students to carry out their daily routines and helps them to regulate themselves as well as express themselves in different ways.

A major part of music in the PMLD groups occurs in World of Sound sessions. As well as World of Sound, students are given opportunities to experience music through the use of resonance boards, the large gathering drum and Tac Pac sessions. The music and songs within these activities relate to the current topic.

Music plays an integral part in ASC groups and is used to help students learn a variety of skills such as turn taking and communicating with each other. Students enjoy exploring different rhythms and beats on the large gathering drum. They also have opportunities to explore different genres of music relating to the current topic. Music is used in Literacy lessons to help to develop speaking and listening skills with students being encouraged to sing along and repeat sounds back to one another.

Students in the Transitions Department are given the opportunity to complete the ASDAN Personal progress ‘Taking part in Creative Activities’ module. They are able to complete this module by taking part in activities such as the gathering drum, Soundabout and the World of Sound. Music is often used as a means of helping students to relax by being played in Physiotherapy, Aromatherapy and Tac Pac sessions. It is also a prominent feature of sensory stories in literacy sessions. Students also enjoy taking part in regular sing songs when they are able to sing new and familiar songs.

The whole school enjoys regular visits from outside agencies such as the Umbande Drummers and the Kakatsitsi Drummers who regularly provide excellent drumming workshops for our students. We also enjoy regular visits from ‘singing Jo’, a vocal coach who takes groups for fun filled singing sessions.

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