Numeracy at The Redway

At The Redway School we believe that mathematical and Numeracy skills are an essential part of the pupils learning as they provide all pupils with powerful ways of exploring, investigating and understanding the world around them. Numeracy develops independence and decision making skills which are integrated through the whole curriculum. We develop our students’ natural urge to explore, to inspire Numeracy at The Redway School, through cause and effect activities, problem solving skills and developing an awareness of time through routines and timetables. Numeracy at the Redway School is always fun with a very practical focus on our students achieving their potential enabling them to be prepared for life after school.

Aims of the Numeracy Curriculum:

  • To ensure that all pupils have access to Numeracy sessions
  • For relevant pupils, they will have access to the National Curriculum, differentiated according to need and structured to ensure continuity and progression through all Key Stages.
  • To ensure that the curriculum is balanced and broadly based with pupils involved in all areas of learning and experience.
  • To provide a learning environment which will be stimulating for all pupils and will ensure achievement, challenge and progress.
  • To continue to develop pupils’ ability to communicate their knowledge using appropriate vocabulary and problem solving skills.

We teach Numeracy at The Redway School at a level that is appropriate to the learning styles, needs and motivation of each pupil.  This might involve discrete daily maths lessons with elements of the National Curriculum or be part of a cross-curricular, thematic approach to teaching and learning for pupils who have more complex learning difficulties.

We teach Numeracy skills through all learning situations that the pupils encounter during the day such as; playtime, snack time or lunchtime. This also includes our frequent outings in the local community. When out on walks to the local lakes and canals, we have fantastic opportunities to explore shapes and space in our community. Local shops and supermarkets provide chances to explore money, understand the concept of buying items and develop life and money skills. A wide range of our pupils take part in TEACCH tasks, individual set activities and group sessions which allow them to access Numeracy in a way that is appropriate for their learning style.

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