Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning

Taking learning into the outdoor environment enables our pupils to learn in new and exciting ways. It integrates aspects of the whole school curriculum into the natural world. Sessions are planed and all materials are provided.

It has been scientifically proven that spending time outside in a natural environment is beneficial to your wellbeing.

Nature provides shapes, colours, textures, fragrances and sounds; which can be incorporated into lessons. In additions our school allotments enable pupils to grow their own produce and use it in a range of different ways.

We give the pupils the opportunity to explore many different outdoor environments including hedgerows, orchards, ponds as well as different types of woodland. Pupils can observe the different wildlife and plants that are found there during the changing seasons through scavenger hunts, crafts and sensory stories.

Being an eco school we help pupils understand how we can care for nature and our planet. Recycling, composting and up-cycling are part of the schools ethos.

Outdoor learning enables pupils to:

  • Use the elements to benefit learning.
  • Integrate whole school curriculum in the real world.
  • Experience things on a larger scale than possible in a classroom environment.
  • Explore and experience different natural environments.
  • Develop knowledge about flora and fauna all around us.
  • Understand where our food comes from.
  • Understand the world around us.
  • Develop navigation and co-ordination around local areas.
  • Discover how to care for nature and our planet.

We aim to:

  • Support pupils to plant, grow and harvest fruit and vegetables on our school allotments.
  • Support pupils to explore, cook and taste produce grown on allotments.
  • Provide natural materials to make crafts and explore.
  • Develop numeracy, literacy, science and geography skills in the outdoor world.
  • Support pupils experience of different natural environments through sensory stories.
  • Promote independence of pupils by navigating in the local community using picture maps and symbols.
  • Enable pupils to be involved in recycling routines in school.
  • Provide opportunities to visit the Urban farm.
  • Provide opportunities to be involved in outdoor community projects.
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