Routes For Learning

Our new curriculum initiative is the introduction of the Routes For Learning assessment.  This well respected assessment is especially designed for learners with Complex, Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties.

The assessment focuses on the key areas of communication and cognitive development.

Routes For Learning focuses on how children develop their understanding of key concepts.  It addresses the individual needs of learners where sensory impairments, motor disabilities and medical problems complicate the learning process.

It takes account of individual preferences for:

  • learning channels and ways of processing information (e.g. visual, auditory, tactile)
  • ways of communicating
  • ways of integrating new experiences with prior learning
  • ability to remember and anticipate routines
  • approaches to problem-solving situations
  • ability to form attachments and interact socially

Each child follows their own route towards seven key developmental milestones.  These include noticing and responding to stimuli, an understanding of cause and effect, object permanence, making choices and taking action to make things happen.

The assessment gives the class teachers the information they need to create “Individual Learning Plans” for communication and cognitive development.  Then they can plan activities at the right level to engage and challenge each child. 

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