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Buttercups are Class of the Week 17th November

Friday 17th of November 2017
For this term, Buttercups wondered through the magical world of Roald Dahl. We have been through a fantastic journey accompanying BFG in his night visits, making dream jars, peeping through the children’s windows and blowing good dreams to each other. We have also tried to help the Three Little Pigs in their fight with the Big Bad Wolf, luckily Miss Red Riding Hood came to the rescue and everyone was happy ... well almost everyone. We kept singing, trying new things and more than...

11th November

Alfie and Kiran decorate biscuits to resemble a poppy
Saturday 11th of November 2017
This time of year is always a poignant one. With Remembrance Festivals occurring across the country. It feels right and appropriate for us that some pupils attended the Remembrance Parade at Coffee Hall, where their excellent behaviour was commented upon by the Mayor and we featured in the Look East news bulletin on Friday evening. Our pupils promoted the school well did themselves proud and the school too. Well done to the staff who attended and ensured this occurred. So it seemed fitting to devote our...

Dragonflies and Poppies are Class of the Week 10th November

Friday 10th of November 2017
This week, Dragonflies had their weekly gathering drum session. The children really enjoyed the songs and joined in by banging the drum, feeling the vibrations from the drum and watching others.  At the end of our sessions, we like turning all of the lights off and experimenting with torches and sensory lights. Also this week, we did a science experiment to see if we could make cloud dough! At first, we put our feet into flour to feel how soft it was. We all sang our favourite songs which...

Skye is PE Pupil of the Week 10th November

Friday 10th of November 2017
PE star of the week is Skye for swimming underwater for the first time and she absolutely loved it!

4th November

Cassia and Daffodils have a great time playing games at the Tennis Festival
Saturday 4th of November 2017
I hope that everyone had a good and relaxing October half term week. The staff were all glad to back at school on Monday for our training day. We had a varied programme, taking in some learning and also some activities to enhance the well being of the staff. Pam and Kate our physiotherapists led a theoretical training session for the majority of staff and will follow this through with a practical session in January. This was very informative and well received by staff. Other sessions included Yoga...

Gemma is PE Pupil of the Week 3rd November

Friday 3rd of November 2017
This week our PE Pupil of the Week is Gemma from Cassia. Gemma always works really hard in Swimming lessons and this week was developing her independent floating skills and practising kicking her legs to help propel herself through the water.

28th October

Ralfs cooks garlic bread on the fire pit to scare away the vampires!
Saturday 28th of October 2017
Half term week – I hope everyone has had a good and relaxing time – enjoying a lot of sunshine despite the dampness of Thursday. As ever, we always make the most of a school holiday to have maintenance work done, repair, clean and paint! This is what has happened during this week.  ‘Upstairs’ in Transitions, more work has been done on the conservatory – installing a new ceiling, lighting, heating and flooring, plus new guttering around the outside. Also the doorways...

Forest School – Butterflies – Early Years

Halloween Special - all around the fire cooking garlic bread to scare off the vampires!
Monday 23rd of October 2017
Each Thursday morning Lee leads a Forest Schools session for Butterflies Early Years Group, supported by Lou and the team. This has proved to be really successful; all the pupils enjoy being outside and participating in different activities both on site and off. A special favourite is cooking using the fire pit, but also exploring the autumn harvest fruits in the orchard, the changing trees and the season of autumn on site and off. This week was Halloween Special! Our Forest Schools area was...
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