26th January

This  past week has been more than an unusual one. First, thank you all for your patience and understanding with the class closures due to significant illness across school with both staff and pupils. I am really hoping that we can regroup and be back to normal next week – but let’s wait and see!

The work on transferring our lighting to LED lights has continued each evening this week.  We are pleased with the majority of the lights, how they look but especially the savings that they will make to our energy bills. This is a positive step forward for the school.

We are though still experiencing difficulties with the pool air temperature. The engineers have been into school and hopefully identified the problem and a new part has been ordered -  its currently on its way to us from Switzerland. We are expecting it to arrive this week, so hopefully this situation will be resolved. Fingers crossed!

Next week staff will be planning for our MFL focus week – Greek and Greece as this links well with our school topic theme of ‘Myths and Legends’.  Hopefully though we will not experience too many Greek parties and broken plates!

The weather forecast for the forthcoming week is currently looking ‘interesting.’ There is the possibility of snow. So please, ensure that you are signed up to either our Parent Mail or the MK Councils Emergency School’s Closure’s text messaging service.  Should it snow during the school day we may have to close early to ensure the pupils safety.  As you will all be more than aware, should we have snow the side roads are not safe and it’s not always possible for school passenger transport to operate in full capacity.

Hoping that everyone is having a good weekend.



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