22nd July

The last week of an academic year is always one full of happiness, emotions and things to be sorted!

This week was such for everyone. All teachers and support staff ensured that the last week in school was a positive one for all the pupils with lots of great interactions and communication opportunities.

The highlight of the week though was our Carnival Day on Thursday. The weather was not great at the start of the day – but we overcame this and ignored it, so we just got a little damp! We enjoyed, sessions with The Great Gappo, sessions in paddling pools and on trampolines, as well as visiting the planetarium. However, the highlight of the day was the merry go round, teacup and transport rides and the bouncy castle! What a time the pupils (and staff) had! It was a day to remember and a fantastic way to celebrate the end of a school year. Enjoyed by all pupils and staff.

Friday, brought our leavers assembly. We said goodbye to CJ, Oliver, Max and Mudi who are moving on to new schools – we will miss them but have confidence that they will do well in their new settings.

We also said goodbye to five students who have been at the school since an early age, Carlie, Charlotte, Cherelle, Crystal and Kirstie. We all hope that they enjoy the next step of their journey into adulthood and wish them all the best.

In addition, Sandy, is going to work in the NHS in a new role, we will miss her a lot. Owen and Kate are off to teach in China, Sarah M, to an area I know well – South Yorkshire, (they do talk a bit funny up there!), Jenny to Madrid, and Sarah P to a school in Northamptonshire. Good luck to them and we all appreciate their hard work and dedication to The Redway.

A huge thanks goes to Brad, Mike, Ian, Judi, Jenni, Lee and Lou for their work as part of the Redway Band - - their contribution has ensured that assemblies and concerts are always a success. What would we do without them?

We do have some wonderful new teachers joining us in September, including Simon who is returning to The Redway to take up a Leadership role at the school. We see this as a very positive move for the school – we are aiming to move forward again with new developments and ideas all for the benefit of all our pupils and students.

Staff this week have also been having a good clear out and sorting of equipment and sheds (removing spiders!) ready for the new academic year. It’s amazing how much equipment and resources we have! There will be several skips in school over the holiday – one arrived on Friday and it is already full!

I am very proud to be the Head of The Redway School and as you all know strive to do the very best for all pupils, up and beyond what is usually thought possible and I thank you all for all your kind comments and gifts at the end of this year. My motto, from a London Marathon one is ‘impossible is nothing!’ and you all know how much I enjoy participating in the London Marathon.

So school has finished for this academic year.  Monday brings the start of the two week activity scheme – where we have a lot of fun activities planned for the pupils. Without the dedication of staff this would not be possible to run and I know you will want to thanks them for their time in supporting this as well as Teresa and the nursing team.

But – Monday also sees the start of lots of work being done in school and the Transitions building! In areas not used by pupils attending the activity scheme. Jenny is overseeing all of this  - a challenge in itself! As every summer holiday a deep clean is also on the cards for all areas!

Hoping that you all have a good weekend.



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