29th July

The summer holidays have arrived!  Di, the Leadership Team, and the school staff, as well as myself appreciate how difficult this long holiday is for our pupils, parents and carers. Some of us find it a bit daunting too and are looking forward to September!

However, we have had a fantastic week one of the summer activity scheme. The staff have been very proactive in arranging different activities for the pupils to enjoy – both off site and on site.

Most pupils swam every day - we even made waves and flooded the pool area! Pupils visited Thrift Farm, went kite flying on Dunstable Downs, followed by a sneaky trip to McDonalds! Others went karting – that was an experience, and there were visits to local parks and to Sharon’s special place. Rachel started the week well with a very messy play session – which everyone enjoyed and got very messy!

Sharon also took a group down to the allotment and brought back some delightful home grown produce. Some parents and carers took some home on Wednesday and last night we ate the potatoes with chives that were grown there – which were delicious – tonight it’s the salad lettuce! Well done to the pupils and staff who make the allotment a fruitful and productive area.

Carolyn and Lee supported some forest school sessions in our special area on the field, and Ian led some wonderful World of Sound Sessions.

Di came in and led an art session and staff in the Transitions building ensured that physio plans were followed through as well as offering some cooking, music and other fun activities.

Everyone was very relaxed and had a fun time. I’m sure you thank all the staff for all their hard work in making the week such a successful one. It was good to have Simon back with us and we are all looking forward to his return in September.

Also happening in school – work has started! A new cupboard in the Reception area is currently being built, the equipment is in place for another cupboard to be built at the end of the secondary corridor, the footings for the new conservatory and shed for storage have been dug at the Transitions site.  Tim has been working very hard at installing new cupboards in Bumblebees Classroom, and has started preparing the old art room for painting as this will be Cassia class in September. He has post it pads on most classroom doors of the work he has to complete!

Dawn and the cleaners have started the deep clean that always occurs in the summer by tackling some bathroom areas and classroom carpets that we are not using during the activity scheme. Getting everything ‘ship shape’ and ready for September is always a challenge – as you know how fussy I am about cleanliness and things being neat, tidy and orderly! They will crack on further once this next week of pupils in school is ended.

In addition, Jen B has been working hard in sorting out a new vehicle for us for September for when the people carrier’s lease is ended, as well as ordering lots of storage and equipment – we have a new storage container arriving soon and Jen P has been in school sorting out uniform orders and other things to do with dinner money! Frances - -  is continuing with all things financial of which there are a lot at this time of year.

Next week brings another fun week for pupils attending the activity scheme, we are hoping to have a BBQ on Thursday and a disco on Friday afternoon, plus other visits out.

I’m sure everyone will enjoy - then the work on the boilers commences!

Have a good weekend everyone.



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