Dragonflies and Poppies are Class of the Week 10th November

This week, Dragonflies had their weekly gathering drum session. The children really enjoyed the songs and joined in by banging the drum, feeling the vibrations from the drum and watching others.  At the end of our sessions, we like turning all of the lights off and experimenting with torches and sensory lights.

Also this week, we did a science experiment to see if we could make cloud dough! At first, we put our feet into flour to feel how soft it was. We all sang our favourite songs which encouraged us to get messy. We then poured oil and food colouring into the mixture. It was great fun!

Poppies have started a new Roald Dahl book this week: The Enormous Crocodile. After getting used to the characters and the naughty crocodile who wants to eat children, Poppies set to work. Some of them talked about the hot, African climate the crocodile lives in, and explored other animals that would live in a dusty, grassy habitat. There was also a swamp for the crocodiles to swim in and lurk. Some of the children in Poppies decided to make some colourful fish to so that the crocodile would stop eating children, but eat their fish instead.

Another exciting lesson this week was RE, where Poppies learnt about why we wear poppies in November. They then made their own poppies with different textures to remember brave people.

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