10th March

It was good to be back to normal on Monday with the roads passable and no snow anywhere (well apart from the school car park.) I am sure that some of us enjoyed the snow (it did look pretty) but the impact it had on the smooth running of the school was felt. However, staff made the most of the snow day on Friday and although few were in school, lots of jobs were done! We also enjoyed it in school whilst the pupils were with us before they left early on Thursday.

The most exciting news from this week is that – the part for the pool air temperature has arrived and has been fitted – at last! The not so good news is another part is needed but this has been sourced in Cambridge and should be fitted on Monday. We all will be pleased when the pool is fully operational most likely after the Easter Holiday now.

Classes are now starting their activities around Easter and the build up to the end of term assemblies on Friday 23rd. Once again all parents and carers are invited to come along and enjoy our Easter Celebrations. Details of which classes will be in assembly at 10am and 11am will be posted shortly and will be in next weeks Friday Letter.

Sharon and the Outdoor Learning Team have been doing a wonderful job with lots of different learning opportunities for pupils this term. We will be extending this provision and what we offer as from September, formative plans are already in place.

I know that many of you will have been informed of the new arrangements for your son / daughters school passenger transport as from June. If you have any concerns about this please contact the school passenger transport team directly and not the transport team at school  – Dominic Williams – is leading on this for Milton Keynes Council.

I hope that you are all having a lovely weekend – it seems strange that the end of term is only 2 weeks away!



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