Hazel and Orchid are Classes of the Week 27th April

In Hazel class we have started our topic of 'The Caribbean' and visited  CMK to look at tropical plants. We have been exploring different fruits and made mango smoothies and avocado dips. It certainly felt very tropical last week and the children made the most of the good weather with waterplay and walks out in the sunshine. Our new sensory story 'Papagayo', a traditional Caribbean tale, has been a big hit with the children. Lots of giggles and laughs whilst using big macs with squawking parrots and naughty monkeys throwing bananas. Let’s hope the good weather returns.

Over the last few weeks Orchid class have had lots of fun starting our new topic; The Caribbean.  We have enjoyed exploring our new sensory story “Papagayo” which is about a parrot who meets various animals on his travels. There are many opportunities in this story to press BIGmack switches to activate animal sounds and the children loved exploring our noisy parrot.

We have also liked investigating our new Caribbean themed drumming session. We have made different sounds with a range of props, such as; water balls and singing new and familiar songs. Our “Caribbean Beach Holiday Tac Pac” has also been well received.  The music seems particularly popular and the children have enjoyed listening to different styles from normal.  Finally, we have been making sea creatures for our “Under the Caribbean Sea” display.  We made wonderful ocean sensory bottles, shiny fish and this week we have been working on bubble wrap jelly fish.  The children have chosen their materials to make their creatures and have had fun exploring the different textures.  We are certain our new classroom display will look fantastic!

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