5th May

I hope that you are all enjoying the warm sunshine. What a difference it makes!

What a wonderful week this has been. We have truly embraced Healthy Living! Highlights of the week were the walks to Willen from school, fun in the water park and also at Basil’s Barn. All pupils and staff had a remarkable time participating in a host of activities promoting healthy living – even when the weather was dubious - - we still did it!

Huge thanks go to the Verity, Helen and the PE team, Sharon but also all staff who embraced the week well. The pupils had a great time – embracing everything – whatever the weather! True Redway style!

There have been some fantastic photographs from the week, which I hope class teachers have shared with you. I will be putting some on our school Facebook page at some point over the weekend.

On Friday we received confirmation that we can build another music cabin at the rear of the school to be our music room, so as we can develop the current music room into another classroom, as the numbers of pupils we have on role look as though they are set to rise in September.

We have lots of other exciting things happening for the pupils throughout this term in school – some overnight visits at Caldecotte too as well as the residential to The Calvert Trust.

Class teachers are working very hard in preparing the end of year subject reports for you all and will as always be producing a DVD of photographs of your son / daughter’ learning experiences throughout the year.

We had sad news on Friday that one of our ex pupils Danny had passed away, aged 30. He was a real character and we have a lot of fond memories of him during his time at The Redway.

Hoping that you are all enjoying the sunshine of today and hopefully the weekend  - I have been running, planting pots in the garden and whitewashing the outside walls – 2 more to do tomorrow!



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