Maple and Rowan Class Focus 25th May

Maple have certainly had a busy half term. After a couple of weeks of being out and about most days it felt strange being back in school and therefore we loved outdoor learning day. We used the decorated pergola which had been decked with floating materials, hammocks and beanbags for our massage session; it was very peaceful. Plus we enjoyed playing in the mud kitchen, used journey sticks to practice our colour matching and created floral pictures using sticky back plastic. It certainly provided a starting point for many more ideas. This week we have also been exploring all things wedding related. We have designed dresses and made cupcakes as well decorations for our street party with Rowan and Chestnuts which everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy. We have also been getting to know our new friend Lauren in Maple and finding out what she likes.

In Rowan this half term, we have made some wonderful improvements in our communication skills. The children are more able to indicate their specific choice of activity and their desire to change or continue a particular action too. This is a big step forward in the development of our independence skills.

We have also had a lot of success at building friendships within the class. Despite having a gloriously diverse collection of individuals, everyone gets on well with each other and regularly looks for support from their peers. We look forward to developing our communication and friendship skills even further as we continue to investigate our Caribbean theme for the rest of this term.

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