8th September

It’s been a whirlwind of a week in school - as usual at the start of a new academic year.

We had 2 busy but enhancing training days on Monday and Tuesday. We were all ready for being back to normal on Wednesday when the pupils arrived back. It was good to see everyone- there were lots of happy faces and everyone seems to have grown!

We had 2 great assemblies on Wednesday morning that started the new school year with a ‘con brio’ spirit! Lots of fun was had by all.

On Monday we will be welcoming more new pupils who will be joining our Early Years Classes.

You will be aware from our Facebook page that we have had a busy summer with lots going on in school. On Monday Tim will be installing some storage in the new Music Room Cabin and Linda will be sorting it out ready for use for lessons as from Tuesday. We are very happy with how it is looking – blinds will be installed over the next week too.

The sinkhole issue in Pirates Class continues as do the cracks in the wall that continue to get bigger in the side room. This is being monitored very carefully by everyone and the source of the problem has been found. Tree roots in drains – or rather no drains as they have collapsed - - our issue is that the tree is outside the school grounds! Our fantastic property services manager is well on the case of getting this all sorted but it a hassle!

This year we are really developing and taking a step further our outdoor learning and Forest Schools work for all pupils. This enhances all our curricular features. So we do request that all pupils have waterproofs and also for those who are ambulant wellington boots. We will be issuing an Amazon ‘wish list’ but also the team well led by Sharon will be asking for donations of items. But what we would really like is some help with keeping our allotment going - - it’s got rather overgrown over the summer and if any parent / carers could help in sorting it out Sharon and the team would welcome this help. Please do let us know if you can!

Ashlyn’s Dad continues his running – he is running the length of the Red Sea in raising money for The Redway and is doing well. This is from his latest post:

Dear Redway Supporter. I have been running the length of the Red Sea over 18 months, to raise money for Redway School. I am nearing the end of my challenge. redsea4redway - the final push. 50 days left, 150 miles left, 3 miles a day. How great would it be if all who read this could sponsor £3 to the link below. (Thank you kind anonymous person who gave £50, a pound a day) 1,398 miles will hopefully be completed, and pushing to get to £3,000.


redsea4redway Wayne Preston is raising funds for Friends of The Redway School on Localgiving! They've reached 98% of their target. Add your support and donate now!

Any support that you can give Wayne will be very much appreciated.

The Transitions café is back next Friday so we will all look forward to seeing you there – the team will welcome any donations of cakes etc each week to see and as always we will be having our fund raising cafes for good causes - I think the Macmillan Coffee Morning is the first at the end of the month.

Hoping you are all having a good weekend.



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