23rd December

Redway was in full Christmas spirit and cheer this past week.  It truly is ‘the most magical time of the year!’ The school has looked like a very special person all decorated out to the full for our Christmas activities and celebrations.  It’s awe inspiring opening up in the dark and switching on all the lights -  school looks wonderful. We do know how to party well!

Staff wore a range of Christmas jumpers, leggings and hats throughout the week – adding a touch of glamour to the decorations.

Our two Christmas lunches went very well – despite one having to be postponed a day due to having no gas on Wednesday! Carly, the team in the kitchen and all staff were positive in their actions from ‘the great peelathon’ on Monday evening to sorting food for all pupils when not expecting to do so. The food for Christmas lunches was delicious – some of the best ever.

This year we had a different arrangement for our Christmas parties – which actually worked well and we will do this again next year. Some of the Early Years Classes held their party on Thursday morning and the rest of the school on Friday afternoon. We were visited by the man in the red suit – who gave presents to all pupils. A favourite party game was making a pair of reindeer antlers using balloons and tights – this was enjoyed by pupils and staff alike!

It was good to see so many parents, grandparents and carers at our end of term assemblies. We said goodbye to Diane and Rachel who are moving on to new teaching positions. Sadly, due to personal reasons Mike could not be with us, but we will give him a huge send off to his new role as Deputy Headteacher at The Walnuts School early next term. We say goodbye to Emily, our physiotherapist Katy as well as Liz who has worked with the nursing team, We wish everyone the very best and thank them for their dedication to our pupils and school.

All that remains is for me to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope that you all have a special time and enjoy being with those close and dear to you.

We will look forward to seeing the pupils at the main site on January 7th and those in Transitions on January 9th.

Happy holidays everyone.



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