2nd March

We all have revelled in the lovely, balmy February sunshine this week and made the most of the unseasonal weather. It is rather surreal that this time last year we were experiencing ‘the beast from the east’ and this week we’ve had lovely warm sunny weather. The pupils have really enjoyed this and the outdoor learning experiences it has brought.

We have also had a lot of fun in learning in school too – especially our drumming sessions across many classes – always a platform for developing and extending communication as well as pupil responses and reactions.

Aston Martin have taken up the challenge of a good morning run to prepare them for a focussed day of work and activities. I was very impressed with the work they were doing relating to weight earlier this week – it was dynamic, challenging and all pupils were engaged. Well done to Charlotte and the team!

Transitions students and those from the main school who were at Basil’s Barn on Tuesday had a wonderful, engaging and positive day – some of them even driving Sharon’s tractor (with assistance from Lee). They were so engaged that they were reluctant to return to school. There were lots of positive comments from staff at the end of the school day about their engagement and achievements.

Special mention has to go to Mirella who received this week’s headteacher’s award in assembly. Not only is she communicating more verbally and in context but in her new wheelchair is so much more independent wheeling herself around school – such significant achievements. Also,  a mention to Jed – who for the first time this week went off site swimming and surprised everyone with his positivity and accomplishments.  He was our PE pupil star of the week. Our pupils do surprise us with their achievements and accomplishments every day.

This week we have had a slight flood in one of our offices – ‘the living room’ where Lou, Simon and Sam are based - -  they have had to ‘abandon ship to elsewhere for a short period till the leaking radiator is sorted and a new carpet fitted -  it was rather like a sauna suite on Tuesday morning!  Fortunately,  the technical equipment seems to be fine, which is a relief.

Hoping that everyone is having a good weekend.



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