10th March

This week has been one of mixed emotions in school. First, and most importantly we said a sad goodbye to Jenson who will always be remembered in our hearts. Our thoughts are with his family at this sad time.

However, we do have to focus on all our other pupils and ensuring that we continue to do the very best for them.

Several pupils went to a Panathlon Tournament at Stoke Mandeville on Thursday and  did very well – they all returned to school very proud of their achievements and their medals! Well done to them and also to the staff who went along to support and encourage.

I know that following on from Tracy’s letter that many more parents and carers have signed up to look at information on the Work Evidence App that staff regularly upload.  This is a real positive step as you will also be able to comment and upload anything special your son / daughter does at home. If you still have to do this please do contact Tracy at school and she will enable you to see this information.

On Friday we had our World Book Day celebrations where lots of staff and pupils dressed up as favourite book characters at the main site.  Several classes had a theme for all the staff whilst others dressed up as  individual characters – and did ‘their own thing!’ Some pupils from Transitions and also the main school site visited the library and really embraced this activity, enjoying looking at different books.

This forthcoming week is a busy one with several visitors in school. But a highlight of the week, will I am sure be Comic Relief Day on Friday. We would like pupils and staff to either wear stripy socks or dress up and to donate £2 to this good cause. Like the photos from World Book Day I am sure there will be some wonderful ones from Friday.

Hoping that everyone is having a good weekend.



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