9th June

It’s amazing how time goes so quickly – the last half term of another school year seems to have arrived sooner than we expected.

Over the holiday several safety checks on equipment or annual services have been carried out, the sad news being about the hydrotherapy pool roof’s panels. It was not an easy decision to close the pool but I had no option. Hopefully we will get this sorted sooner rather than later, we are obtaining quotes for the work and the LA are fully aware of the situation.

Monday’s training day revolved around Fire Safety Training for staff who have not participated in this and for those who needed a refresher. Jen was looking very official with her clip board and pen making sure everyone got to the right place on time!

It was good to welcome the return to school for all pupils on Tuesday, as always everyone looked happy to be back.

There were several highlights of the week – we acknowledged the national celebrations of the D Day Landings with an extra assembly on Tuesday morning led by Rachel and Peter with two days of a focus in classes of Red, White and Blue activities. Simon led the assembly on Wednesday a celebration of the festival of Eid.

Our second sports activity morning was on Thursday where the sun shone and everyone enjoyed participating in a range of activities. It was lovely to see so many parents and carers too enjoying the morning. Well done to Team PE. Our last sports morning is on Tuesday so please do come along to enjoy if your son / daughters’ class are involved.

An amazing piece of news which we need to celebrate is that one of our foster carers of a current and ex pupil has been awarded an OBE for her services to fostering. We are all so very pleased for her – she and her family are so dedicated its more than well deserved.

There will be no Headteachers Update next week as I am away from Friday on residential at The Calvert Trust with a group of pupils. However, we will be posting updates on our school Facebook Page so do keep abreast of things that are happening and the accomplishments of our pupils.

Hoping you are all having a good weekend.



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