8th February 2020

Driving to and from school this week, the frosty, foggy and slightly sunny mornings have been an absolute delight. There have been some wonderful eerie scenes on the way into school, especially with the full moon still in view during the early morning daylight. This together with the arrival of snowdrops, which are a pleasure to see, are now out in bloom, make a huge difference, knowing that spring is on its way. Hopefully the weather will continue to improve as it always lifts everyone’s spirits after a dark and dismal January.

This week has been our MFL focus week in school. As it’s an Olympic Year we chose Japan as our country. Everyone had fun  - some pupils learnt how to say ‘Hello’  as well as some key words in Japanese, others learnt about Japan’s culture, including the cherry blossom, its sport and pupils tasted some different types of food. Jacqui – surprised us all with her sumo wrestlers’ outfit – about which many pupils were more than inquisitive!  Some groups also visited the Japanese Peace Pagoda at Willen Lake. Hence all of the photographs are from this week’s MFL activities.

We wished Charlotte a fond farewell in assembly on Wednesday afternoon, which was very well led by Tracy. We all hope that Charlotte continues to enjoy life at the other side of the world in New Zealand, revelling in her new chapter in her life.

Jo in Transitions, who leads fantastic sessions with outdoor learning work and experiences is trying to locate a water butt that could be donated to school for use at the allotment. So, if you are able to assist with this it would be very much appreciated – if you could let her know the telephone number for the Transitions Department is 01908 509180. We would also welcome any donations of seeds to plant – especially vegetable and fruit ones as we are very proud of growing produce that we can then use for school lunches or sell to staff.

Hoping that everyone is having a wonderful weekend and enjoying the sunshine of Saturday.



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