22nd March

This week, as you will appreciate has been a difficult one in school. As the song says, ‘ The times they are a changing!’

The Strategic Leadership Team have been working very hard to put in place plans for the future, which will be finalised tomorrow as well as striving to ensure that staff are fully briefed at all times and that morale remains positive.

Obviously, our pupil numbers have reduced in school this week,  but for those who have been in school learning and activities have continued and fun has been had.

Tomorrow, school is closed for all pupils and a letter will be sent out to all parents and carers regarding the current situation.

During this difficult time, with many staff members in self isolation, or presenting as a high risk our capacity is limited for us to be able to have pupils in school. If we are able to – we will,  but I would to point out that the guidance from the Government states quite clearly that

‘If children can stay safely at home, they should, to limit the virus spreading.’

This then goes on to say:

‘The government has asked parents to keep their children at home wherever possible.’

This will obviously apply to the majority of our pupils.

Pupils who have been at home in self isolation need to remain so for 14 days.

On Friday, a group of Headteachers, representatives from the Children with Disability Social Work Team as well as those from the SEN Team at Milton Keynes Council met to consider the full needs of our pupils with additional needs and with EHC Plans. A full risk assessment was produced which confirms the criteria by which we will be able to have pupils in school.

Unfortunately, given the high risk that the majority of the pupils attending The Redway School present we will only be allowing access to a few, providing we have the staffing capacity to do so.

We do wish to support all our families, but as well as taking into account the needs of our pupils we also need to consider the well-being and health of our staff and their family commitments.

So, some very difficult decisions will have to be made on Monday.

Have a lovely Sunday everyone – it’s a good day for an afternoon walk in the woods or on the hills.



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