Outdoor Learning Day May 2018

During the Summer term, the whole school took part in the Outdoor Classroom Day which is a global campaign to inspire and celebrate outdoor learning and play.  The campaign day acted as a catalyst for more time outdoors every day, both at school and beyond.  This year over 1,700,000 children participated in the day by taking their learning outside.

Our children participated in a broad spectrum of activities in the outdoors,  where they were able to experience the wonder and awe from activities such as  Caribbean massage, pond dipping in Woughton on Green, flower pressing, extended walks with picnics while exploring  for mini beast habitats and planting of vegetables and flowers to mention just a few. 

It was a day where the focus was to use the outdoors as an extension of the classroom, where learning was experienced through exploration, play and where the children could experiment with their bodies the spaces around them, which saw several children “becoming lost in their experience”. 

The day was noticeably a huge success with everyone commenting on what an enjoyable day it had been.

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