Amanda Marlow : Parent Governor

I have been a parent governor at the Redway School since 2014. My son has been at Redway School for the last six years and in that time I have seen him gain in confidence, embrace new experiences and to grow into the very happy and confident young man that he has become today; all thanks to the excellent teaching and support that he has received as a pupil of Redway School. As a mother of four children, three of whom have SEN and disabilities, my interests for the last eighteen years have been about special educational needs, health, communication and disabilities.

Since I became a parent governor, I have been a member of the Children & Young People’s Select Committee as the Special School Parent Governor Representative. This additional role has given me an insight into the issues that face the Local Authority and our children within Milton Keynes. In 2017 I was appointed Redway School’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Governor. I am working with Rachel Farrow the Designated Lead Teacher, to work towards gaining a Wellbeing Accreditation for our school.

In addition to being a governor, I am also a member of PACA (Parent and Carers Alliance) as a Parent Representative. I am committed to helping parents navigate their way towards getting the right support for their children and I also campaign for the rights of our disabled and disadvantaged children & young people.

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