Mike Russell : Assistant Headteacher

I have been at the Redway School for a wonderful six years and I have been an Assistant Head Teacher for three of those years.

I run the SLD department which has some incredible people and students working in it and we do our best to keep the balance between education and fun! We encourage our students to be as independent as possible, while gaining confidence through the support we give them. We are fiercely proud of the children we work with and no matter what challenges they face, they always try their hardest and give one hundred percent which is why we work tirelessly for them.

For me personally, the Redway School is like a family, albeit a rather large family! We all take care of each other and stick together through thick and thin. We face daily challenges which, to some people, seem unbelievable but when you work at the Redway, you do not face them alone.

I am a very keen musician and play in the weekly assemblies with the rest of the school band. I also have two young children of my own and they take up most of my spare time but I still try and find time for some amateur photography, dog walking and cooking. I also have quite a sizable single malt whisky collection which I may occasionally have a small dram from!

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