Early Years Foundation Stage

EYFS HomeLink – Starting Nursery


When we welcome new early years pupils into life at The Redway School we feel that working in close partnership with Parents is key to us being able to be prepared and provide the right care and education for our youngest learners. 


We do this through a succession of home-link visits.  By coming out to meet you at home we can spend time getting to know your children and their needs in an environment that they are most comfortable in.  With weekly visits from teachers and specialist teaching assistants and sometimes therapists.   We will bring activities and play ideas for you to try at home. During our visits we will talk with you and play with and observe your children. 


Home-link visits enable us to begin to put together a clear picture of your child’s development and needs. There will also be time for us to build a relationship with you the parents and carers as you are the experts on your children and your knowledge and views are incredibly valuable to us.  We understand that starting school or nursery is a big step for children and their families and we hope that the relationships we can build through Home-Link visits will make the transition into school much easier for everyone.


During our visits we can also help to signpost parents in the right direction for further support and services that they may find useful.  We will be able to draw upon our visits and all the information we are able to gather from them to plan for transition into Nursery at school.  This process will happen over the course of the first term, but this can be flexible depending on the needs of children and their families.


When Children and families are ready, we will begin a phased introduction into school life this again is a flexible process very much dependent on individual need.  We will begin with part time sessions and gradually build up the amount of time children spend in school.


With this comprehensive approach our aim is to first build relationships, gather information, assess, plan and settle pupils into school life with ease.