Sport @ The Redway



PE at the Redway School is of high quality and is an integral part of our whole school curriculum. It provides an opportunity for all our pupils to be involved in physical activity at a level which is appropriate to them, and ensures that they are involved in experiences in which they are able to develop their skills in a number of activity areas. In order to do this effectively we provide a broad and balanced PE curriculum that challenges all pupils and provides them with an opportunity to demonstrate what they are capable of, as well as provide an atmosphere of belief in their own ability.


The school has excellent facilities: gym, hall, specialised rooms and hydrotherapy pool. We also offer an extensive programme of off-site and after school activities. Through this we have made strong links and have good relationships with local sports providers, therefore our pupils benefit from specialist coaches and also have the opportunity to continue their development and enjoyment of PE activities out of school.


We work closely with other special schools in the area on PE issues, share good practice, and organise sports festivals locally for our pupils. We also work very closely with the Physiotherapy team ensuring that both programmes work alongside each other to maximise the benefit to the pupils.


Details of specific sporting events, including photographs, can be found in our News & Events area.