After School

At The Redway School we aim to offer a range of after school club activities and experiences to as many pupils as possible. During the academic year we will have offered at least one club to all pupils able to access them at some point and hopefully offer them a new and/or enjoyable experience.

Initially, we started two clubs; one on a Tuesday and one on a Thursday. Each half term a different teacher leads the clubs. This enables us to utilise the vast skill set of the staff we have at The Redway School. The teacher will chose what activity they would like to lead and the type of pupils it would benefit the most. Letters are sent out to all the agreed classes and pupils, once the reply slips are returned, eight pupils are selected to attend the club.

In the Autumn Term we led a cooking club (for the SLD classes); the pupils made a variety of things including cakes, breads and even some revolting recipes to work in line with our whole school topic around Roald Dahl. A video game club (for the MLD classes); during the clubs, the pupils played on a variety of technology. We put the Wii and Xbox Kinect on the big screen in the hall and pupils were able to play in games against each other. We also set up a PlayStation 3 and IPad’s so pupils could play some individual games. An art club (for the ASD classes); during the club they had lots of fun, the classroom floor was covered with tarpaulin so pupils could paint and use a variety of tools to explore and make a mess! And a swimming club (for the PMLD classes); in the water, pupils explored and played with some pool toys, listened to music and had the sensory lights on, used floats to be buoyant around the pool, and done some physiotherapy stretches to help them relax.

In the Spring Term we have run a table top games club (for the MLD classes); the pupils played some board games like Elefun and Pop Up Dragon, some pupils enjoyed playing with Lego and trying jigsaws. A Forest Schools club (for the EYFS classes); pupils got to go up to the forest schools’ area in school and make food on the fire like toast, marshmallows and hot cross buns, they collected sticks for fire wood and also done some exploring of natural resources like making clay faces and houses.

During the Spring Term we added a third after school club, a Sports Club. During the first half term the PE Team led a Trampolining and Rebound on Thursday to develop some of the pupils skills on the Trampoline. In the second half term we brought a coach into school who led a football club for pupils.