Sensory Impairment Support

We want to help and encourage each child and young person to make full use of their available senses in order that they can discover what an exciting place our world is.

Sensory Integration Therapy

Sensory Integration Therapy aims to give disabled children access to some of the key sensory learning experiences needed for higher learning.


The word hydrotherapy is derived from the Greek words hydor (water) and therapeia (healing). Warm water has been used for recreation and rehabilitation throughout the ages.


Sandy helping Jasmine with her stretches
Physiotherapists are skilled in the assessment and treatment of movement disorders and in analysis of sensory-motor and musculo-skeletal development, posture, movement and function.

Art Therapy

Art therapy offers dedicated time with a trained art psychotherapist. Children can use the sessions to communicate thoughts and feelings that are important to them using art materials. Many parents, carers and school staff understand that children’s art making and play allows them to communicate things which seem to have importance- this could be a drawing of a significant person, or just enjoying the freedom of ‘making a mess’. Art therapy assumes that the art making and play of...

Occupational Therapy

upper limb stretches help to maintain Joseph's active range of movements
At The Redway School, the occupational therapy team is responsible for providing care and advice to children with identified occupational therapy needs.

Speech and Language Therapy

Edward using his iPad
Communication is central to all learning and is vital for children with learning difficulties. At The Redway School this fact is respected and as such communication development is highly valued.

Rhythmic Movement Therapy

Rhythmic Movement Therapy (RMT) is an integration programme that aims to develop and integrate primitive reflexes that are under and over developed impacting on individual lives.

Play as Therapy

Play as therapy helps children to express themselves, explore their thoughts and feelings and make sense of their life experiences. Play is a natural activity of learning, exploration and communication for children.

Amatsu Therapy

Amatsu is a modern adaptation of a soft tissue therapy that has been used for thousands of years in Japan. It is a whole body treatment that works with the body's soft tissue to help re-balance other key mechanical and energetic structures.

World of Sound

These sessions use different types of sound in a controlled and sensitive way to create an inclusive and experiential atmosphere where students can relax and enjoy the world of sound.

Senmove Trampolining

Senmove Trampolining makes use of the physical, physiological and therapeutic effects of a trampoline to provide a movement experience that is accessible to all our pupils.


Benjamin working on independent standing in September 2012
MOVE is a programme that enables children with physical disabilities and/or complex needs to improve their skills in independent sitting, standing, walking and transferring.

Sherborne Developmental Movement

Sherborne Developmental Movement (SDM) is an internationally recognised approach/programme that encourages physical development as well as communication and social interaction among other areas.
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