Senmove Trampolining

Here at The Redway School our pupils have the opportunity to partake in Senmove Trampolining (ST) as part of their termly PE sessions. It is a favoured activity by many of our pupils and is suitable for each and every one of them; PMLD, SLD, ASD and MSI alike. Activities range from gentle bouncing and manipulation, whilst lying down, through to independent standing and performing ‘routines’. ST makes use of the physical, physiological and therapeutic effects of a trampoline to provide a movement experience that is accessible to all our pupils.

Across the school the trampoline is used for a range of purposes. Some of our more mobile pupils use it for gymnastic purposes but ST is primarily a therapeutic approach used to facilitate movement (therefore developing muscle tone where appropriate), increase fitness levels of participants, promote balance and sensory integration (SI), and encourage relaxation. Within all of this communication carries throughout; pupils are encouraged, and often spontaneously communicate “more”, show opinions through facial expressions and vocalisations. Pupils with highly complex and profound needs use this approach to help them gain better control of their bodies and importantly have fun! The PE Team work closely with the physiotherapy team at school to develop opportunities for the students, and all pupils have a Medical Assessment to ensure their sessions are suited to their individual needs and to maximise the benefit from the time spent on the trampoline.

During sessions on the trampoline pupils work in different body positions including lying, supported sitting, independent sitting, kneeling and standing. Sessions on the trampoline are pupil lead; we as facilitators build and develop further the activities the pupils show preference for, making it a fun learning environment.  The PE team, and those ST trained throughout the school, work co-actively with our onsite Physiotherapy team to ensure activities are suitable for each individual pupil as well as enjoyable. Each pupil will work on individual targets and programmes on the trampoline, focusing on educational and / or physiotherapy targets which include muscle tone, motor skills, improving body awareness, communication, concentration.

Most important Senmove Trampolining is about having fun whilst learning!

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