Speech and Language Therapy

The Communication Team

We believe:

Communication is central to all learning, and is vital for children with learning difficulties. At The Redway School this fact is respected and as such communication development is highly valued.

Who we are:

The Communication Team consist of three Speech and Language Therapists, and three Speech and Language Therapy Assistants. Families, classroom staff and the Communication Team all share responsibility in enabling a child to achieve the best possible communication in all situations.

What we do:

Meaningful communication takes place throughout the day, so we work closely with the students and the teaching staff in their class environments.

  • We work alongside all classroom based staff to support the child’s communication goals in the classroom
  • We help to establish and maintain ‘communication friendly’ environments within the school
  • We provide individual sessions for students where appropriate
  • We provide training to staff, parents and carers in all aspects of communication
  • We support and run groups where appropriate
  • We assess advice and support children who have eating and swallowing difficulties
  • We provide training for staff, parents/carers to support feeding difficulties

How we work:

The Redway School believes in Total Communication meaning pupils are encouraged to use every available form of communication. This may include informal methods such as facial expression, body language, gestures and vocalisations, together with more formal communicative methods such as words, signs, symbols and speech output devices.

New pupils are assessed by the Communication Team and class staff and an initial communication assessment is then completed with family. A plan is agreed and implemented.

Most children’s communication needs are met within the school environment. Some children may need specific input from the communication team; this may include learning to use alternative and augmentative communication systems.

Specialist communication systems available to our children:

For those children who’s cognitive skills far exceed that of their expressive language skills, a high tech communication device may be required. The school has access to specialist external agencies, who can assess, advise and supply children with dedicated high tech communication aids. A range of high tech communication equipment is available to our children including: our eye gaze machine, Ipads and communication vocabulary packages and a variety of switches with switch accessible software.

How do I refer to the Communication Team?
All children who attend The Redway School have access to The Communication Team. Should you not wish for your child to receive support from The Communication Team please sign the Opt Out Consent form.

How do I contact the team?

You can contact any member of The Communication Team by calling The Redway School reception on 01908 200000 who will put you through to a member of the team or pass on your message to the team. Alternatively, you can pass a message through your child’s class teacher.

The Communication Team at The Redway School

The Communication Team at The Redway School
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